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This Privacy Policy describes ARTO activity in connection with the processing of your personal information including though not limited to the collection , use , processing , transport, storage or disclosure of your personal information . Application of this Privacy Policy shall remain subject to the laws , regulations and authorities or court order , petition or other legal proceedings .

Accountability ARTO
ARTO is responsible for personal information under its control that are , including the subsequent transfer of personal information to third parties for processing purposes on behalf of ARTO .
The purpose of the use of your personal information by ARTO
a. In order to meet the customer's needs and preferences , and to provide ARTO offers to customers
b . In order to develop services ARTO

Your approval
Before use you may be asked to approve a certain notices that contain additional information regarding the processing of your personal information by ARTO . You consent to the use of notices or ARTO offers an indication of your agreement to the processing of your personal information by ARTO for the purposes already mentioned .
In certain circumstances , your personal information may be processed without your consent , depending on jurisdiction and applicable law .
The type of information that is processed
a) account and membership information , this information may be though is not
    just the name , mailing address , email address , phone number ,
b ) Data backup ,
c ) use of the data in general
d ) location information
The accuracy of your personal information
ARTO will take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information held is accurate, complete and up to date , in terms of reform or correct your personal information then Arto rely on your participation .

Securing your personal information
ARTO will continue to develop and pursue organizational , physical , and technology used to support the protection of your personal information from loss or theft , unauthorized access , modification or disclosure are not appropriate to the level of kepekaaannya .
You also retain your personal information , to reduce the risk of unauthorized physical access to your personal information appropriately .

Changes to the policy
ARTO may update our Privacy Policy , so it remains in accordance with technological developments , as well as the propriety of the applicable law with regard to the customer's needs for services ARTO .

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