General Enquiry :
ARTO is an enterprise cloud computing service providers , with registered using ARTO services , then you are subject to the rules and regulation of the use of services may change from time to time without prior notice to you .

Once you make the payment , you will immediately receive a User Name and Password to form ARTO service you have chosen according to your needs and preferences .ARTO not responsible for your failure to use our services , which in the future can cause harm to you , including the data that you store because the use of user names and passwords by unauthorized and irresponsible caused by negligence , carelessness you .

Type of Service
ARTO provides various types of services to suit your preferences as listed below
a ) Web hosting
b ) Mail server
c ) Cloud servers
d ) Online backup storage
e ) High performance computing

Fees and lifetime membership
The cost of the services is very varied , as you can see on the website ARTO on when you register to use the services ARTO . In terms of the validity period of your membership , one month before the expiration of your membership , ARTO will send a notification and the details of the bill to the choice of services that you will use later .

ARTO reserves the right to suspend the service that you use , if in a state where your membership period is over and you do not do an extension or payment of the bill that ARTO details submitted with the notification of the validity period of your membership .

Responsibility Limitation
You agree and fully understand that the ARTO including but not limited to affiliate or subsidiary is not a responsible party losses , directly or potential harm, loss and damage to data and services , including benefit despite earlier been given a warning by ARTO caused by negligence usage including the use you make mistakes and other parties who intentionally or unintentionally take advantage of your mistakes and omissions that.

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